"Childcare and Schools are urgently needed." local residents say

Families living in Williams Landing are urgently looking for any possibilities to have childcares and schools to be opened in this suburb.

Residents who have already lived in the Ashcroft estate for some years are struggling in finding childcares and primary schools. Some families are thinking of moving out of Williams Landing to other places.

We hope the needs for local services can be consdered seriously.

We are collecting signatures at http://www.wl3027.com/webform/please-build-schools-williams-landing-sign... To show your support, please sign.


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Child care and schools are the biggest issue at Williams Landing...
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there is not a single state run school which has covered zoning for Williams landing kingswell estate. Trugnina south primary school cover area only upto Palmers road. Kingswell estate fall after Palmers road. Williams landing urgently requires childcare and schools.
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If this is the case, Wyndham City Council need to look at this very seriously. And find a solution ASAP.
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Hi arty, how about Laverton College P-12? have you asked them?
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Hi, Laverton P-12 college has a very low ranking and is quite far. after investing time and money to settle in Williams landing I would not prefer to send my child to a school far away from community. I would prefer a school where most of the kids within the community go within our area.
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Very agree with you! Cedar Woods and Wyndham City Council must work together with the State Government of get this problem solved ASAP!!!!
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Laverton P-12 This school is one of the worst, no though has been put into schooling at all within the area. Not everyone can afford Westbourne. Its sad how it has taken this long before schooling as become an issues that is finally being talked about, even the new St Clare's catholic school zones out most of Williams Landing.
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Thanks for all your comments. We are collecting signatures at http://www.wl3027.com/school Please sign.