Families living in Williams Landing are urgently looking for any possibilities to have childcares and schools to be opened in this suburb.

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The  design of the sports reserve had been released by the city council, for the current details, you can find at here.

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Nominations are currently open for various Community Awards, as detailed below, so get your thinking caps on and nominate some worthy community champions:

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Two steal solar powered lights after dark.

Theft has became a major issue in Williams Landing. Recently, there are many residents reported to have properties been stolen, including hot water system, electrical appliance and even plant in the front yard.

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  • Date: Wednesday, 3 December, 2014
  • Location: 100 Overton Road, Williams Landing, VIC, 3027


Only 2 days to go now!

Shopping centre open hours:
Mon – Wed: 9.00-5.30pm
Thu – Fri: 9.00-9.00pm
Sat – Sun: 9.00-5.00pm 

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Saltwater Coast Master Plan
Saltwater Coast Master Plan shows there are two schools in SC.

Williams Landing should be given priority for public schools. As it's the most accessible location in Wyndham.

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Point Cook Library
Point Cook Library

Many residents in the City of Wyndham found it's hard to access library services.

A recent research conducted by the community has found that Wyndham needs to build more libraries to help this situation to get even worse.

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A big thank you for who have already parcitepated our resident survey.

We encourage our residents to participate the survey so we could together to help improving the quality of living/working in Williams Landing.


Many residents reported they had no Internet access since last Saturday midnight. 

Services back to normal gradually on Monday.

ISPs that had been reported including Telstra, Optus, Exetel etc.

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It's been for a few months, finally, the petrol station many of us are waiting for, at the intersaction of Palmers Rd and Sayers Rd opened today!

It is a Shell & Coles petrol station, and to most of Williams Landing residents, it is the closed pertol station.

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Parts of Point Cook and Williams Landing had power outage this evening. 

People could not enter Point Cook shopping centre due to the power cut. Stores like Coles, and other smaller stores in the shopping centre, as well as the underground car park are among the been affected.

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Wyndham residents will face a 5.5% rate increase in the next financial year. And as Williams Landing property value goes up, property owners in Williams Landing could face rate rises up to 16.6 per cent.

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A resident reported that yesterday around 1:55pm had been bitten by a black coloured off lead dog on his way to pick up his serviced car on Ashcroft Ave. The victim said the owner of the dog is near by but couldn't stop the dog.

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It is reported on a newspaper that the Masters store in Williams Landing had created 120 jobs for residents in Wyndham. But do they really? We're in doubt that if Masters really created that much jobs in Williams Landing and surrounding suburbs.

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Latest data show unemployment rate in Wyndham has increased since 2008. From 5% to 9%, in March last year. The figure almost doubled in the past six years. 

The situation has slightly improved since March last year, as the rate dropped 0.3% from 9% to 8.7%.

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