Street Lighting | Altair Street Williams Landing

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Street Lighting | Altair Street Williams Landing

Dear All

Has anyone thus far (other than myself) complained to Wyndham Council and / or Cedar Woods regarding the poor lighting on Altair Street? This is the main street that connects the railway station with Overton Road. 

I note this station is essentially a "shortcut" pathway for residents to get to and from the Station to the greater Williams Landing area. However, whilst there is adequate light poles erected, NOT 1 LIGHT WORKS, at all! I have seen countless people walk through near pitch black darkness on the 500m stretch of pathway / road, myself included. 

While being fairly comfortable walking down this road myself at night, I am surprised that nothing has been done in the 2 months that I have been monitoring this issue. I value the safety of myself, but more importantly that of my wife and other residents (especially Women & Children) whom have no means of protection from; 

- Possible Thugs loitering on this road

- Possible burglars waiting to rob someone on this 

- Possible accidents due to lack of light

In any case, I wanted to know if any other residents have noticed this problem and / or have contact council regarding it? I am following this up directly with both the Council & Local Developer (Cedar Woods) to have this matter concluded and rectified on an urgent basis. 

Will keep you all updated. 



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It's probably a electricity company issue? For WL I think it's Powercor. Maybe it's planned? I remember there are lights on Altair Street.

Maybe contact Cr Aaron An (, who is our representative at council.