Is there a legit reason for not agreeing to a school in WL ?

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Is there a legit reason for not agreeing to a school in WL ?

I just went through the forums and looks like the Government bodies' have been requested a school in the suburb for a few years now.
What exactly is their reason for denying the suburb a school ? Is there a legit reason ?
How does it benifit them if WL doesn't have a school ?
I fail to understand. What is their argument?
Are they crooks ?

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Hi stan3x6,

The current major Adele Hegedich repiled us saying there are schoolings in surrounding suburbs, and ignored the fact that those schools are either already under enrollment pressure or too far away from the local community. We had provided detailed analysis and research reports explained the urgent need for school in Williams Landing, but there isn't any progress in the past several years.

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I fail to understand that if the developers are showing interest and the residents obviously want a school in the area, what exactly, or who exactly stands to lose, n lose what if there was a school built in the suburb.
Even with the developers charging ridiculous prices for the land blocks, shouldn't a local education facility be one of the most compelling factors in making a suburb "complete", hence desirable, hence justify the price tag?
Are we sure the developers are pushing hard enough for it?

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The private / independent schools are currently not interested, as there are insufficient students to make the school break even until at least 2020.

For those of you that missed it, there is no school site shown on the Master Plan. I would have thought that this would have been a dead giveaway that no school was planned for Williams Landing.


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Hi shar,

2020? How do you get that year? 

The total Households in Williams Landing next year (2017) will exceed 3400+ (Still a very conservative number. Wyndham Water: 947, Ashcroft: 642, Kingwell: 647, Elmstead: 600+, Addison: 600+, Total: 3436+ )

When doing the planning for Williams Landing, city council used the data on 
Which is actually almost 20 years late than the reality. (In 2017, the total households in WL will already exceed's data for 2036.)  I had contacted Wyndham City Council, last year, met with the relevant council staff, and their own data also proof I was basically correct.

A big portion of Williams Landing's families are young families with children. In Wyndham, based on ABS, the average female forfeit rate in Wyndham is 2.2. Which means there could be easily over 3000 children need to go to childcare and school. That's equivlent to two big P12 schools.

The community has done research shown, even with one school, Williams Landing is still the most disadvantaged surbub for children's education in Wyndham.

If you say it's not shown on the master plan. It was not allowed to release land smaller than 300m2, but council got approvel from the minister, this is not known from the very start when we purchased the land and should you say it should never been allowed to release land smaller than 300m2?


  • In the old days, there was no Metro city loop on the orignal Melbourne city plan, so we should never built it?
  • There was no Federation Square been planned on the orignal Melbourne city plan, so we should never built it?
  • Uni Melb was the first university in Melbourne, and back in the 19 century probably there is no other university been planned at that time, so we should never have La Trobe Uni, RMIT, Monash, etc?
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No really reason

We are just to sports obsessed, we think sports makes hero's rather than well educated people.

When as Australian's we reduce sport and start with education first we will have schools and stop slipping further down in our education standards.


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aaron i think what shar is trying to say is that since there is no school shown on the master plan & there is no plan to make a school here then it should be pretty obvious to anyone moving to the area that there wont be a school? so people come here with the knowledge there is not going to be a school, but now they are complaining about it & blaming cedar woods lol hmmm.....

and also comparing it to infrastructure projects like the city loop is a bit ridiculous. 

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Hi Uchiha, I agree with Aaron, I think it's pretty clear he was just using some examples. He just wanted to say something was not planned initially, doesn't mean we should not have in the future.

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uchiha_b, I was also told there are schools near by and was no any mention about the current schooling issue. When I buy the land here, the sales people told us there won't be any issues with put children into schools. This is a serious issue, I don't know why you laugh.