Beware !!! Burglars all around !!!

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Beware !!! Burglars all around !!!

Despite of being a beautiful, well planned and very accessible suburb in west (I know have some issues with schools), we are in hands of burglars. It is the matter of the security of you and your family (and your belongings). After few recent incidents in our neighborhood, we are really scared to live in Williams landing, no matter if you have burglar alarm or camera installed. My friend's car was stolen from his garage few weeks ago, my neighbor's burglar alarm got armed in the middle of night.

I was thinking, burglary is high here because the construction is going on and mostly related to it. But now as the construction is getting lesser and lesser, burglars are aiming occupied houses. I am not sure what we can do from our side to prevent this.

At night, we always hear cars and bikes all around our road, it is mostly after 3 AM. So beware, something wrong is going on. One day early morning (around 4:30, had to start early), I saw a bike parked in a nearby street, was suspicious as it was not in front of any house, also was almost in 2/3rd of the road. No one was near by. Being doubtful about that, I stopped at few streets away, waited, saw somebody riding the bike towards next street very slowly. Not sure who is that ... May be I am too much worried...

Still thinking what we can do to reduce the thefts around our suburb ...


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I suggest all of us joining Neighbourhood Watch.

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Could you please confirm which neighbourhood are you referring to?
Wouldn't burglar alarms n cameras deter these ppl?