Have your say on the sports reserve

The  design of the sports reserve had been released by the city council, for the current details, you can find at here.

Based on the information provided by Wyndham City Council, there was only one consultation on this sports reserve which was hold back in 2011. At that time even the first Ashcroft neighbourhood haven't completed yet. That's less than 1/4 of total households in WL. Anyone participated in that consultation back in 2011?

Local residents have been advocating for a school in Williams Landing and with land quickly being developed on within the area, there is a question whether the prime use of this council owned land has been designed to serve the needs and wants of our residents seeing so many residents want a school in the suburb. Both a school and sporting ground co-exist on the same piece of land seems to be the best solution.

If you feel that the proposed development of the oval doesn't address the needs of the Williams Landing community, please voice your concerns. You can contact Eliel Sotero via email on eliel.sotero@wyndham.vic.gov.au or call 9742 0777, or leave you comments here.


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Hi Eliel We need a school not a sports oval. Listen to the residents, no wonder Australian standards of education is falling so far behind world standards. Not everyone cares about sports but everyone should care about education. Clearly Cedar Woods, but Council needs to do better.
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Include Soccer pitch. why 2 footy ovals? will they be utilised? ban cricket build school somewhere else in the estate
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http://www.wyngis.com.au/InfoCouncil/Open/2015/ORD_14122015_MIN_AT.PDF On page 245: "Endorse Williams Landing Reserve as the interim home base for Werribee Cricket Club until land becomes available and funding is agreed to develop a suitable cricket facility on active open space on Wattle Avenue within the East Werribee Employment Precinct." Have the council consulted with Williams Landing residents?