Increasing theft incidents in Williams Landing makes local residents very angry

Two steal solar powered lights after dark.

Theft has became a major issue in Williams Landing. Recently, there are many residents reported to have properties been stolen, including hot water system, electrical appliance and even plant in the front yard.

Some local residents have experienced more than one theft incident and most incidents happened after dark.

If you just recently moved in, or about to finish construction, make sure you have certain safety protection in place as soon as possible to prevent any potential of theft.

Residents are becoming very angry and more cautious about the safety issues in Williams Landing. Some residents are preparing to write letter to relevant authorities, eg, Williams Landing developer Cedar Woods, Police and the City Council, to rise their concerns about the safety issues here we are experiencing.

If you experienced any theft, report to police as soon you can. If you see anything suspicious, best to keep a note and put into the local residents’ incident repository at:



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<p>my house got robbed last week in Wyndham water estate. Please make sure you keep an eye on your neighbourhood and don't keep in gold in the house.&nbsp;</p>
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My goodness. I haven't even moved in yet and seen this news. Few of my friends haven't moved in yet but will also advise them accordingly. I really hope that it will be safe for everyone there. My friends & I will move in next year. Hopefully I can adapt the environment. God bless everyone :)