Public schools in Williams Landing mostly needed in Wyndham

Saltwater Coast Master Plan
Saltwater Coast Master Plan shows there are two schools in SC.

Williams Landing should be given priority for public schools. As it's the most accessible location in Wyndham.

Schools in Williams Landing will benefit almost all surrounding suburbs. According to Saltwater Coast's master plan, there are 2 schools been planned in Saltwater Coast. This is good and can benefit Saltwater Coast estate residents, but pretty much only limited to Saltwater Coast residents, not even for surrounding estates, eg Sanctuary Lakes, etc.

The population in Saltwater Coast is similiar than in Williams Landing, and as there will be some apartments been built in Williams Landing, the population in Williams Landing is likely to be more than Saltwater Coast's. We wish both Wyndham City Council and Cedar Woods can work together to achieve a really good Win-Win. 


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Working together is something that requires thought and planning, something that both parties clearly are not very good at
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