Train station extension to town centre from upper ground floor.

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Train station extension to town centre from upper ground floor.

It would be good if the train station could be extended to town centre directly from upper ground floor, without the need for people to cross the road on the ground level.

What do you think?

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That is a great idea.

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Hope the town centre will be expanded to include more commercial businesses, including an indoor sports centre, cinema, swimming pool or library.

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Hmm... What do you need the indoor sports centre for? There are already some gym clubs on the other side of the train station anyway.

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the WL town centre is supposed to be comparable in size (upon completion) to dandenong cbd, geelong cbd, box hill cbd and a few others.

so basically it is supposed to be a small city

jumping jack
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Awesome idea, would feel like being in Melb central. Would help disperse the mass of people getting off the train.

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Probably as well as those getting into the station ;)

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Also, how could they don't make the train station fully covered?

It's really windy up  there and can easily get wet when raining! 

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Hahah oh gosh, yes! The wind is crazy! Have given up trying to do anything nice with my hair as it just gets ruined the minute you start walking up that ramp to the station! :-P


I was a bit surprised by how far away this new building site (aka the future shopping centre) is from the station, though Im sure there is good reason since tbe developers have had WL Town Centre planned out for quite a while. 

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Not only the crazy wind, but also the noise around the station and the road cross from the freeway. That's just so poorly designed!

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If the town centre has got cinema , that's fantastic !!! 

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I don't think Cedarwood has any plans of building the Town centre. I spoke to the sales office and they refer woolies at the corner as some stage of town centre and were not sure if there is strong enough interest to drive the building of actual town centre that is still being promised....

Honestly, I feel being misled as we were promised the biggest town centre in Vic and what we got is a Wollies .

We have paid premium price for our property in WL but things are not looking the way it was promised. 

No school, no community centre, no sports complex and no town centre ...

I am not sure how to move forward from here and get our voice heard? 

The guy from point cook did very well when he asked for a indpendent state :)

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Of course Cedarwoods has a plan for building the town centre. I spoke with Cedarwoods developers from head office a couple of months ago and was assured that it was going to happen, but just that it would take some time as it would be done in stages. As it is, on the Williams Landing website that they are currently in the planning stages for the first office building. They also recently released info about an aged care facility being planned.

Can I ask where you were told that we would get the biggest town centre in Vic? I haven't heard that promise before.

 In regards to the school, the sports oval and a council office - we need to speak to the council about this and ask that they provide these. It is their responsibility to provide these services. 

Maybe it's time we form a residents committee :)




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I'd take any promises from the developer with caution - until you see it actually being built it can change. Wyndham Waters was supposed to have a Woolies at corner of Forsth & Sayers roads before Williams Landing was in development (there was even a small 'coming soon' billboard up for a short while), and that whole area was proposed as 'mixed use', ie mixture of shops & services. Instead we got Maccas & Red Rooster, and the greedy developer sold off the rest of the land for more houses. Take a look at this 2011 brochure from Cedar Woods - see how different the development looks already, the shopping centre is particularly misleading.